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Code Enforcement
Municipal codes are enforced in order to promote a safe and desirable environment for the people of Greenwood. We routinely investigate properties and buildings to determine environmental, health, or safety hazards, as well as nuisance violations. We strive to maintain high standards of fairness and impartiality in our work with residents, neighborhoods, public service agencies, and other city departments.

Inspections during construction will be administered by Building Inspector William Stanciel or Victor Stokes, the Fire Marshal, Director of Code Enforcement, and Director of Community Development. 

Note: Code enforcement deals with both municipal code and 2012 International Property Maintenance Code violations.

Dilapidated or Vacant Structures
Mississippi State Statute 21-19-11 requires municipal governments to clean up illegal dumpsites or private properties that may be a menace to public welfare. Once such a structure is brought to the attention of city inspectors, the owner will be contacted. A hearing will be held in front of the city council. If the council decides that the property is in an unacceptable state of uncleanliness, the municipal government or owner will be responsible for improving its condition.

Mississippi State Statute 21-19-21 deals specifically with fire regulations. Code enforcement officers establish fire limits and regulate or prohibit the use/storage of certain materials. They also have the power to inspect all potentially dangerous structures and remove them if necessary. 

Property Maintenance
Find out more about property maintenance here.

Report a Concern
To report dilapidated or vacant structures or for more information, contact one of the inspectors in the Community Development department at (662) 455-7613.

Contact Information
Department Office
Ph: (662) 455-7603 

101 W. Church St.
Greenwood, MS 38935
(Second floor, on the left)

Betty Stigler
Code Enforcement Officer

Victor Stokes
Community Devel. Director,
Fire Marshall

William Blake

Code Enforcement Officer,
Greenwood Police Officer

Penny Hodge
Office Manager

Marvin Russell
Building Inspector

Don Brock
Special Prosecutor for Housing & Other Code Violations
Ph: (662) 453-7325
308 Fulton St.
Greenwood, MS 38930
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