Grant Programs

Listing of Grants

The Greenwood-Leflore-Carroll area offers a variety of incentive programs designed to assist businesses in obtaining loans for development and expansion and to position ourselves as an aggressive competitor in the global market. The following is a list of grants available in our area:
  • CDBG Program for Economic Development
  • CDBG Loan for Economic Development
  • CDBG for Emergency Projects
  • CDBG for Public Facilities Projects
  • CDBG for Self Help Projects
  • Development Infrastructure Grant Program (DIP)
  • Economic Development Highway Grant Program (EDH)
  • Emergency Shelter Grants Program (ESG)
  • HOME Program for Homebuyer Assistance Projects
  • HOME Program for Rehabilitation / Reconstruction Projects
  • HOME Program for New Construction Projects
  • Job Protection Grant Program
  • MS Single Family Residential Housing Fund Program
  • Small Municipal and Limited Population Counties Grant Program
  • The Rural Impact Grant Fund

For An Overview

View information about all of these grant programs on the Mississippi Development Authority website.