Wood Products

Our Wood Products Cluster

Click here to view the forest inventory available in our area: http://www.mifi.ms.gov/documents/MIFI_Delta_Report.pdf

  • We have more employees in the following jobs in our labor shed than the average US labor shed by the following amounts:
    • 22 times more people employed in Newsprint Mills
    • 3 times more people employed in Paper Mills
    • 3 times more people employed in Logging
    • 3 times more people employed in Wood Preservation
    • 3 times more people employed in Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing
    • 3 times more people employed in Timber Tract Operations
    • 2 times more people employed in Support Activities for Forestry
    • 2 times more people employed in Sawmills
  • Our labor shed area has seen the following growth rates since 2010:
    • 104% growth in Paper Mills
    • 13% growth in Logging
    • 13% growth in Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing
    • 8% growth in Sawmills
    • 4% growth in Newsprint Mills

Wood Products Companies in our Labor Shed

  • Our labor shed features the following numbers of wood products companies:
    • 30 Logging Companies
    • 11 Sawmills
    • 8 Support Activities for Forestry
    • 5 Wood Container and Pallet Manufacturing
    • 5 Wood Kitchen Cabinet and Countertop Manufacturing
    • 4 Wood Preservation Companies
    • 3 Timber Tract Operations
    • 2 Paper Mills
    • 2 Corrugated and Solid Fiber Box Manufacturing
    • 2 Stationery Product Manufacturing
    • 1 Forest Nursery and Gathering of Forest Products
    • 1 Upholstered Household Furniture Manufacturing
    • 1 Reconstituted Wood Product Manufacturing
    • 1 Wood Window and Door Manufacturing
    • 1 Newsprint Mill
    • 1 Institutional Furniture Manufacturing
    • 1 Wood Office Furniture Manufacturing
    • 1 Custom Architectural Woodwork and Millwork Manufacturing
    • 1 Prebaricated Wood Building Manufacturing
    • 1 Cut Stock, Resawing Lumber, and Planing



U.S. Highway 82 provides us with east and west 4-laned highway access to Interstate 55.  Additionally, U.S. Highway 49 provides 4-laned highway access north and south.



We are served by the Canadian National (CN) Railway, a Class I railroad.  Additionally, we have passenger rail service via AMTRAK which runs from our area to New Orleans, Memphis, and Chicago.

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Rail Map

Electric Power

We are served by multiple electric power providers.  Greenwood Utilities, Entergy, and Delta Electric Power Association serve our area giving you choices to provide cheap, reliable power.

Greenwood Electric Logo
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Natural Gas

Atmos Energy supplies our area with ample natural gas.  Atmos Energy is a publicly traded company headquartered in Dallas, Texas, founded over 100 years ago.  Atmos is one of the nation’s largest natural-gas-only distributors

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Skilled Labor

We have the following number of people working in our labor shed:

  • 4,699 Truck Drivers
  • 4,163 Material Movers
  • 3,071 Miltary
  • 649 Electricians
  • 413 Industrial Machinery Mechanics
  • 366 Civil Engineers
  • 322 Loggers
  • 273 Software Developers
  • 260 Machine Feeders
  • 214 Logging Equipment Operators
  • 188 Industrial Production Managers
  • 183 Industrial Engineers
  • 185 Human Resource Managers
  • 163 Environmental Engineers
  • 132 Mechanical Engineers
  • 113 Electrical Engineers
  • 103 Computer Hardware Engineers
  • 87 Logisticians
  • 61 Sawing Machine Operators
  • 63 Forest and Conservation Technicians
  • 60 Cabinetmakers and Bench Carpenters
  • 48 Woodworking Machine Operators
  • 48 Millwrights
  • 33 Fallers

College of Forest Resources- Mississippi State University

  • College of Forest Resources- offers 9 academic options with over 100 career possibilities
  • Click here to learn about Mississippi's States College of Forest Resources: http://www.cfr.msstate.edu/
Mississippi State logo

Mississippi Valley State University- Department of Natural Sciences & Environmental Health

Mississippi Valley State University located in Leflore County features degrees in Chemistry, Science Education, Engineering Technology, Mathematics, Computer Science and Environmental Health all of which can provide skilled workers for the wood products sector.

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Unskilled Labor

There are 3,527 people employed by Temporary Help Services in our labor shed area.

Workforce Training

Customized Training Cash

Customized workforce training is designed to meet a specific business need. It includes curriculum and material development as well as instruction. Funding is available through project agreements with the Community Colleges for Workforce Enhancement Training Fund administered by the Mississippi Community College Board. Appropriate financial documentation is required.

  • Industry-Based Training – A business may be reimbursed for up to $35 per hour of training conducted by the industry for the industry when the college does not provide the training.
  • Vendor Training – A business may be reimbursed for on-site vendor training costs at one-half of the daily cost, not to exceed $500 per day, with a 10-day limit per training area. Off-site vendor train-the-trainer costs may be reimbursed at a maximum of $500 per person for training registration. Such reimbursement may apply to no more than two (2) individuals to attend the same training area. Travel costs comply with project rules and limits. A business may be reimbursed for up to $20,000 per fiscal year for allowable, approved travel costs.
  • Train-the-Trainer – A business may be reimbursed for limited travel costs associated with training employees in a discipline not currently available through the local community college. Such reimbursement may apply to no more than two (2) individuals to attend the same training in a non-production area and no more than four (4) individuals per production training area. Travel costs comply with project rules and limits. A business may be reimbursed from $10,000 to $15,000 per fiscal year for allowable, approved costs for domestic and international travel, respectively.

On-The-Job Training Cash

Mississippi’s Workforce Investment Network (WIN) Job Centers can help offset training costs for new employees through the WIN On-the-Job Training (OJT) activity. Businesses may be reimbursed for up to half of a new employee’s wages while the employee learns the job, on the job.

OJT Participant Criteria:

New employees covered by an OJT agreement must be unemployed or underemployed as determined by the WIN Job Center.

Training Rules

  • Reimbursement depends on the wages paid to new employees and the length of training.
  • The length of training is negotiated based on the skills necessary to perform the job(s) and the new employees’ existing skills.
  • Limited to no more than 50% of the total workforce or new hires.
  • The maximum length of training is limited to no more than six months or 1040 hours.
  • Businesses that relocate and lay off workers at another location may not receive an OJT for 120 days after relocating.
  • Other OJT rules and record keeping requirements can be obtained from the WIN Job Center.

The community college and/or WIN Job Center will work with the company to develop and negotiate a training and service plan and funding agreement.

Applicant/Employee Assessment

Community colleges can assist a business through their performance appraisal processes. An array of assessment tools can be used for a quick, confidential evaluation of an applicant’s work-related and/or academic skills. Work skills aptitude assessments include verbal, numerical, and spatial aptitudes, nonverbal reasoning, form perception, clerical perception, and color discrimination. Assessments may also include performance surveys designed to project employee work ethics, reliability and motivational components. A Mississippi Career Readiness Certificate (CRC) is a credential based upon the WorkKeys® assessments that substantiate to employers that an individual possesses the basic workplace skills required for 21st century jobs.

Pre-Employment Training

Pre-employment training matches candidates with specific jobs. Candidates must successfully complete a specific training curriculum developed by the business and college training professionals. The curriculum may include work ethics, appropriate dress, work expectations, and technical skill requirements. Candidates who do not meet training requirements, such as those who receive low scores on attendance and cooperation, may be identified prior to interviews and hiring.

Community College Programs

Mississippi Delta Community College which has a location in Greenwood provides the following programs which support the Wood Products sector:

  • Field Crops/Agricultural Business and Management Technology
  • Industrial Electricity
  • Machine Tool Operations
  • Welding
Mississippi Delta Community College Logo

Support Services

  • 238 Insurance Agencies and Brokerages
  • 174 Commercial Banks
  • 95 General Freight Trucking
  • 93 Specialized Freight Trucking
  • 86 Electrical Contractors
  • 57 Site Preparation Contractors
  • 54 Engineering Services
  • 22 Commercial Printing
  • 17 General Warehousing and Storage Companies
  • 16 Advertising Agencies
  • 14 Machine Shops
  • 11 Freight Transportation Arrangement Companies
  • 10 Sign Manufacturers
  • 9 Industrial Building Construction Companies
  • 9 Chemical and Allied Products Wholesalers
  • 7 Structural Steel and Precast Concrete Contractors
  • 7 Telemarketing Bureaus
  • 5 Tool and Die Manufacturing
  • 3 Inland Water Freight Transportation Companies
  • 3 Hazardous Waste Treatment and Disposal Companies
  • 2 Sawmill, Woodworking, and Paper Machinery Manufacturing
  • 2 Power-Driven Handtool Manufacturing
  • 2 Chartered Passenger Air Transportation Companies
  • 1 Gear Manufacturer
  • 1 Fluid Power Pump and Motor Manufacturer
  • 1 Conveyor Manufacturer
  • 1 Industrial Gas Manufacturer
  • 1 Fabricated Pipe and Pipe Fitting Manufacturer

The Alluvian Hotel/Spa and Viking Cooking School

The Alluvian Hotel in downtown Greenwood has received AAA’s “Four Diamond Award” for hotels every year since 2006 and has won the award of Best Hotel in Mississippi numerous times by too many magazines to count!  Accompanying the hotel is a renowned spa and Viking’s Cooking School, a romantic experience for all owned and operated by Viking Range one of the top-kitchen appliance brands in the world!  Click here to learn more about all the above: http://www.thealluvian.com/alluvian_hotel.php

Taxes & Business Costs

  • Mississippi's corporate income tax rate's top bracket of 5% is 9th lowest in the United States.
    • You will receive 100% exemption of this tax for 10 years by locating in our area.
  • Kiplinger ranked Mississippi the 4th best tax-friendly state for business in August, 2014.
  • Mississippi has the 3rd lowest corporate unemployment tax rate for new employers in the United States
  • Mississippi is tied for the lowest maximum corporate unemployment tax rate for employers in the United States.
  • The Mississippi legislature passed massive workers' comp reform in 2012 to satisfy Mississippi businesses.

Buildings and Sites

Click here to view our buildings and sites database:


By locating in our area, an industry with at least 10 new employees will receive a 100% exemption on all state income and franchise taxes, full sales and use tax exemption, and property tax exemptions (other than school taxes) for up to 10 years.

Additional incentives are available from the State of Mississippi and can be seen here: https://www.mississippi.org/home-page/our-advantages/incentives/tax-incentives/.